APP 2K HS Compact 5:1 + Harter


APP 2K HS COMPACT ACRYLFILLER 5:1 is a binary filling prime of High Solid class, having the perfect adherence to the steel, polyester putties and old paint coatings. Such substrates as galvanized sheet and aluminium should be primed with the unary or binary reactive primers, e.g. APP1K Haftgrund, APP2K Haftgrund Properties: designed for classic priming with grinding, increased coating properties, easy to grind, assures maximum adherence, gloss and stability for the surface lacquer, very high efficiency – product density may be adjusted by adding the solvent, short drying time. Colour: grey. Efficiency: 9 m2/l (200 micro m). Hardener: APP 2K HS Compact Harter XFCH.