APP 2K HS Acryl Klarlack Spezial S 2:1 + Harter


APP 2K HS Acryl Klarlack Spezial S is a two-component clear, HIGH SOLID class acrylic varnish that provides glossy shine and is resistant to scratches and wear. It has excellent coating properties and provides superior clear finish and enhances depth of colour intensity. Resistant to weather conditions in many climatic zones. UV filters provide durability of colour of base varnish. Spreading rate: 9-10 m2/l. Application. Purposed for vehicles repairs providing high quality top coat in case of double-layer coating of repaired car bodies. To be applied along with water-thinned and conventional varnishes. Caution! Apply hardeners for APP 2K HS Spezial S Harter XLHN/XLHS clear varnish and APP 2K Verdunnung AVN/AVS thinner for acrylic varnishes only.