APP DS. R Abrasive disc pressed red on arbor


Flexible cleaning disk made from tough and coarse fabric, impregnated with abrasive materials and special filling foam for mechanical removal of top coat, basecoat, fillers, protective coatings of the car chassis and rust. Perfect for removal of any colour irregularities and other coatings from stainless steel. It quickly and precisely removes the coating and does not penetrates inside. New disk features with improved durability compared to APP-06X100, 06X150, 06XK115 and 06XK125 disks. Thanks to fabric texture and special filling, red coloured APP disks are more resistant to wear and edge damages what significantly extends the period of operation. Essential features compared to APP abrasive disks: special filling ensuring improved efficiency; quick work results; three times improved life and resistance to edge damages; quick and efficient removal of fillers, adhesive bonding, protective and anti-corrosion coatings. Fixing: Special mandrel (06X900) enables to mount the disk in case of both grinders and drills.