APP MF Cloth Microfiber tack cloth


XL MF Microfiber Dusting Cloth of bigger dimensions in comparison to traditional cloths ensures quick and efficient work during polishing and dusting of large surfaces. A large size reduces physical efforts required to gobble up remains and assists surface drying. Technical Data. Material: 20% Polyamide 80% Polyester; Colour: pink; Size: 56x56cm; Basic weight: 380g/m2 Use: wash in the machine at temp. 60 or 90°C (the cloth remains its features after many washing cycles), UNI Cleaner is recommended for washing; use of softening agents, bleaches and chlorine is not recommended; do not iron. Application: automotive industry, catering, joiner’s shop, industrial application etc.

080647 XL pink 56cm x 56cm
080648 green 40cm x 40cm
080649 Pomegranate 40cm x 40cm
080650 Reversible orange 40cm x 40cm
080651 Reversible pink 40cm x 40cm
080645 Pomegranate 40cm x 40cm