APP MW 500 P


The soundproof mat with felt is a product characteristic for high ability of reduction of unwanted noises due to the implementation of bituminous layer and an additional layer of felt. The total thickness of the mat amounts to 10 mm. Advantages: high reduction of vibrations and trembling, increasing the stiffness of big pieces of sheet metal, high reduction of noise, improving the acoustic space inside the car. Usage: The APP soundproof mat with felt is perfect for reducing noises coming into the interior of the car by the floor, the boot, iback nner wheel arches and the partition separating the cabin from the chamber of the engine. Other usage: household equipment, vehicles and machines used in agriculture, building industry. Self-adhesive bituminous mat with high silencing and elasticity capabilities, enables optimal matching the shape of surface. designed for silencing floor, cockpit and boot. and for shaping acoustical space of car interior. can be covered withall types of automotive topcoats. Self-adhesive bituminous mat with high silencing capabilities. Designed for reducing tremors and vibrations in cars. Increases stiffness of large metal surfces and reduces noise entering the cockpit through doors and metal elements. Can be covered with all types of automotive topcoats. Self-ahesive bituminous mat with luminum layer with high silincincing capabilities. Designed for silencing noise from engine chamber in cars. Self-adhesive mat made of mixture of polymers, softeners and grain fillers. It is exceptionally elastic even at very low temperatures. It is designed for floor, cabin and boot silencing. Can be covered with all types of automotive topcoats. It does not need high temperature during applicati