APP QUARTZ Q802 Polierpaste APP QUARTZ Q801 1,0kg


APP QUARTZ Q802 All Purpose Paste is a high quality emulsion that removes car body scratches, refreshes surfaces and provides high gloss. Selection of best components ensures effectiveness and facilitates polishing. APP QUARTZ Q802 is purposed for old top coats and surfaces covered with fresh top coats. It removes holograms, scratches and additionally refreshes and provides high gloss. For best effects use of QURTZ series polishing pad is recommended. Use of APP QUARTZ Q801 Coarse Paste ensures high efficiency of grinding. The paste eliminates: Scratches; Holograms; „Peel appearance“; Inclusion and run; Scratches resulted from use of 1500, 2000 sanding paper. Features: For HS and MS system top coats; Free of silicone and ammonia; Extended work time; Reduced heat generation; Excellent work effects (high gloss). APP QUARTZ Q802 All Purpose Paste is free off silicone, wax, and aggressive solvents.