IST C1 Regenerator – 10 liters


IST company manufactured the sills of series C for medium and large garages. The sills of series C are characterised by high reliability due to their simple structure and use of high quality raw materials for the construction of individual components. The tank is made of Aisi 304 stainless steel, making it resistant to organic solvents. The cooling system is made of copper pipes, which provide for a very long lifespan. The process of separating solvent from pigments and other solid components is based on the evaporation of the former off the mixture formed as a result of washing of the varnishing guns and other equipment. Having been heated up to the required temperature, the solvent starts evaporating. It is then cooled down in the air-cooled compensator. After an set amount of time, the regenerator switches off automatically. The pivoting casing allows the remains of distillation to be easily removed from the tank. The use of special bags allows their contents to be removed still more easily and quickly while keeping the equipment clean. The offer also includes regenerators with a capacity of as much as 62 litres, equipped with a Teflon tank and condenser made of stainless steel and controlled with microprocessor.