NTools VC 36E Dust extractor


The newest compact NTools VC 36 extractors, adapted to extraction of sanding dust in body and paint workshops and to work with wood, plastic and sand. They are available in two versions: for use with electric sanders and electric and pneumatic sanders. Key advantages of extractors: fully automatic switching on and off (extractor works when the sander works); smooth adjusting of suction power; capacious dust tank – 36 l; quiet operation – 60 dB (A); allowed for dust class L suction (> 1 mg/m3); antistatic function prevents electrostatic discharges; high mobility thanks to compact design and durable wheels with brake; very strong turbine with high suction power and effi ciency. The set with VC 30E and VC 36EP extractor contains: 4 m suction hose (diameter 29 mm) or in EP version 4 m 2in1 hose; Paper dust bag; Paper main filter; (1.5 m) vaccuming hose; set of vacuuming tips.