RUPES KS 260 EN Dust extractor with automatic electro-pneumatic switch


RUPES KS 260 Extractor features with very limited range of negative pressure parameters thanks to use of two synchronically operated turbines. This solution enables work with two grinders at the distance up to 12m as well as RUPES pivoting arms. RUPES KS 260 Extractor is fitted with the connecting automatics that works with electric grinders (two electric sockets) and air grinders (two quick coupling for pneumatic machines). Dust chamber inside KS 260 Extractor with a flat fixed filter enables easy replacement of 7kg dust container. The top part of extractor body is provided with ready work station (available for EPS model only) which guarantees mobility during work. Additional shelves and holders for grinders and abrasive disks ensure that all required tool are constantly at hand while the extracting hose jib will ensure comfort during work. Equipment of KS 260 EPS: Extractor; T connector; Dust extraction hose with rubber tips- 1 item; Dust bag-1 item; Work station. Note: KS260 EPS Extractor is offered by APP instead of KS 260 EP Extractor